Mold Consulting


Mold Can Be a Serious Health Risk

The presence of mold or fungus in your home poses a serious potential health risks. The Provident Group provides professional mold consulting services that help you better understand the conditions of your home or commercial space. We offer mold consulting services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and throughout the State of Texas

Mold Consulting Services

Rely on us for useful and accurate information. Our mold consulting services include:

  • Water Damage Cause & Origin Evaluations
  • Initial Fungal Evaluations
  • Written Project Remediation Protocols
  • Remediation Oversight/Management
  • Clearance Evaluations

Project Summaries

Over the past 25 years, our team has successfully completed an extensive number of mold-related projects. Please review the following project summaries to get an idea of our previous experience.

Insurance Companies

We have provided mold evaluation services for claims departments of major insurance companies located throughout the United States. Since 1995, we have conducted more than 20,000 evaluations related to water damage and mold contamination in residences. Our work included conducting on-site inspections, writing remediation specifications, and issuing clearance reports for re-occupancy after mold remediation.


The Provident Group has experience in providing indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting services. This includes completing mold evaluations of occupied buildings for a major Texas municipality.


We fulfilled a contract with a Texas University to conduct professional indoor air quality evaluations. Our team provided mold evaluations at multiple campus facilities.

Independent School Districts

After the Texas Department of Health Indoor Air Quality Guidelines went into effect in 1998, The Provident Group assisted school districts in implementing these guidelines by writing management plans and performing baseline IAQ and mold evaluations.

County Governments

We were entrusted to provide environmental consulting services for several Texas counties. For one project, our team conducted mold evaluations on all occupied county facilities.

Mold Analytical Services

Salutary Solutions (SS Mold Labs) is a mold laboratory, licensed by the Texas State Department of Health. They provide mold analytical services for both professional mold consultants and homeowners.